It was a long journey, but we did it!!!

When we started this journey in January, no one believed we would make it this far.  We ignored the naysayers and built our team.  Starting with friends and family, we met people along the way who liked our vision and ideas and joined us.  What we had became a grassroots movement focused on changing the atmosphere in Annapolis by refocusing on the needs of all the individuals in the 32nd District.  This ground swell turned into an army of volunteers who dedicated day after day, week after week, canvassing constituents, attending candidate forums, calling voters and getting our message of change to all corners of the 32nd district.  This is the result of this work...Victory!!  We did it. Our TEAM has defied the odds and mounted a successful campaign.

Thanks does not begin to covey my appreciation for everyone's hard work and support.  At some point I will have the opportunity to thank you individually, but for now I will just say THANK YOU!  This day would not be possible without your dedication.  Please know, from the bottom of my heart, that I appreciate your sacrifice and I will not let your efforts go in vain.  

Now the work starts in earnest. All the promises of change and the effort to renew support to forgotten areas begins. I am not only up for the challenge, I am ready, willing and able to get the job done.  It is time to make it happen!

David Johnson