My Educational Philosophy


Public education is the key to the American Dream

I am the product of public education.  In fact, I was the first person in my family to receive a college education.  So when I say, “Education is a game-changer” I’m speaking from personal experience. My parents' investment in my education resulted in me obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and two Master’s degrees; one from Florida Institute of Technology in Contract Administration, and another from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in National Resource Strategy.

I am a fervent supporter of education, in particular public education.  It is the cornerstone of an evolving democracy.  Education is one of the essential components of the American Dream which makes upward mobility a reality for millions of Americans and the U.S. the envy of the world. Education has enabled me to fulfill the vision of my parents to engage in so many professional and personal opportunities.

Both of my children have attended both parochial and public schools.  My daughter, Michelle, is a 2015 graduate of Meade High School and is now a junior at George Mason University.  My son, Jared, is a junior at Meade High School and we are exploring colleges. As current PTSA President for Meade High,  under my leadership, we were able to increase membership from less than 30 members to more than 110 members, we won $120K in grants for the music department; more than any other school in Anne Arundel County, and we initiated the first ever Annual Block Party to bring together Meade High cluster schools.  We also held four teacher staff appreciation breakfasts to foster better relationships and help raise awareness for PTSA programs and proudly awarded six $500 scholarships to seniors. Among other supports, we established a relationship with Toll Brothers Home Builders as a sponsor with Meade High.

I believe it is important to commit time, energy, and our presence to supporting teachers and students and help to create a rich academic environment that is a safe space which encourages our children’s intellectual curiosity. It is important to work to establish an environment that is nurturing and encouraging of the student body and an environment that recognizes the diversity of the student body and the diverse means by which students’ process information. I want to help inspire the establishment of learning environments that celebrate the potential in all of our students, promotes confidence in their academic abilities, and creates work-ready graduates. 

My educational strategy is the first “E” in my E2C2 philosophy, (Education and Economics, Country and Community).  It recognizes that education is a game-changer. Education is the vehicle that we can all use to steer our youth to develop to their fullest; prepared to fully participate in our democracy. I have a five-point educational plan that I advocate for all educational communities:

1.     Help teachers establish an environment where children feel safe; safe from harm, bullying, and environmental threats.

2.     Increase parental engagement in every aspect of their children’s school and promote partnerships between parents to ensure they know how and are empowered to support their children’s educational experience.

3.     Understand the school’s educational philosophy, ensure it holds high expectations for all students, and supports each student’s academic and personal development.

4.     Work with schools to teach personal economic responsibility and wealth building at every opportunity so that our children learn to be savvy consumers and learn the power of saving and investing over time.

5.     Identify and utilize the most effective practices for eliminating achievement and discipline gaps for all students. Emphasize early reading and math programs to identify challenges, stimulate creativity through the integration of the arts and technology, and better prioritize resources.